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From early childhood on, I have been very connected to the Spirit World and to the Angels.  Raised in the Christian faith, I was taught the tenets of love and light.  Now I work closely with your Spirit Guides to bring you personalized messages.

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I will Introduce you to your Spirit Team

What a wonderful opportunity to talk to your Spirit Team!  I have over 10 years experience in doing psychic readings for the public!  I have been a Reader for many repeat private clients as well as public expos such as the Body Mind Spirit Expo.

I can provide you Heavenly Assistance

A big portion of my work is helping people with karmic entanglements and clearings.  If you are feeling "stuck" energetically, I can help you bring in the heavenly assistance that you need to help yourself move forward.

You will Shift in Magnificent Ways

The feedback that I have received from my Clients is that they have experienced great shifts which have brought more love and happiness into their heart.


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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

Jennifer Snell Akashic Records Consultant

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